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All made to order pieces take approximately 6-8 weeks depending on my work schedule, exhibition calendar and any current projects that I may be working on. I will be happy to accommodate shorter delivery times on a case to case basis.
Placing an order for customized pieces is possible up to an extent. You may choose any colour of glaze from the current palette and most stamps or motifs can be done on the different shapes of hand built pieces. I’m also open to discussing requests for designs that are not part of my current body of work. Please feel free to get in touch with me over email, whatsapp, social media or a call to discuss the same.


Wholesale orders are welcome and timelines vary based on the volume of the order. Everything is hand made in my studio and the entire process of making, glazing and firing is done in house. I work in collaboration with stores, brands and anyone who is looking to add ceramic ware to their product range.


I currently sell through a few stores in different cities across India. Please refer to the stockists page to see a list of places that stock a select range of work.

I also sell directly through social media and accept custom orders apart from participating in a few exhibitions every year between the months of September to February.

I do not currently sell online but hopefully plan to change that in the coming year.


All wares are safe to serve food and eat from, on a daily basis. No lead or cadmium based glazes are used in any of the colours, preventing leaching of toxins into your food and water.

Washing:  All pieces are high fired so they are dishwasher safe. You  may scrub over the stamped/embossed areas of the piece to clean any leftover food stuck in there.

Heating: All pieces are microwave safe and oven-proof.

As with all ceramic ware, please avoid the risk of thermal shock by preheating plates, bowls or platters along with the oven or bringing something kept in the fridge, to room temperature, before heating it up.


I am working to minimise my carbon footprint where packaging is concerned and I am constantly on the lookout for better materials and safer ways of shipping. I try and re-purpose bubble wrap and any other plastic fillers while packaging orders and hopefully will be able to stop using even those, in the near future.

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